About us


A self-disciplined and well-balanced individual


To provide care for the total well-being of pupils and to develop good character and discipline.


We believe that each pupil is unique and can be self-disciplined if given guidance. Being self-disciplined is crucial in the development of the core competencies as we move towards our school vision, “Achievers rooted in values, soaring beyond limits”. At our school, we want to provide care for the total well-being of pupils and develop good character and discipline in them.


We follow Discipline model which  outlines the following basic philosophy and approach for developing good discipline in pupils:
  • The goal of discipline is to develop self-discipline.
  • Discipline is an educative process to develop pupils’ thinking and moral faculties.
  • Strong leadership is the over-riding factor for success.
  • A whole-school, multi-pronged approach is required.
Building of pupils’ Social and Emotional Competencies is the key strategy for developing good discipline and this can be achieved through consistent efforts in:
  • creating a supportive environment;
  • teaching SEL skills and components of good character;
  • providing opportunities to exercising good behaviour; and
  • guiding and re-orientating pupils who have erred in their behaviour.
Effective discipline requires collaboration among stakeholders. Schools form partnerships with families and external agencies to help pupils with disciplinary problems. Only through consistent collaborative efforts from various stakeholders will we be able to help our young become individuals who are self-disciplined and of good character.

School Rules and Regulations

Pupils must adhere to the following school rules at all times.
(1) Be respectful
(2) Be punctual for school and all school activities
(3) Be properly attired
(4) Be neat and tidy in your appearance
(5) Be self-disciplined
(6) Be responsible for the cleanliness and safety of the school compound
(7) Be proud of and uphold the five school values:
(a) Integrity
(b) Responsibility
(c) Excellence
(d) Acceptance
(e) Perseverance

Non-compliance of school rules

Upon referral to the Discipline Committee for the breaking of school rules, one or more of the following actions will be taken:
  • Warning letters issued
  • Demerit points
  • Detention
  • In-house suspension

i-REAP Point System

To further enhance our pupils’ sense of responsibility and discipline, the school implemented the i-REAP Point System.
The objective of this system is to reinforce good conduct through encouraging the pupils to work towards maintaining their points.
The school’s focus for discipline will be based on the school rules.

Rewards/ Recognition

Best Behaved Class per level per term
The best behaved class per level for each term will be chosen based on the i-REAP point system and  level teachers’ daily observations. This recognition serves to motivate the pupils to be self-disciplined and behave well and also to work together with their classmates to achieve the award.
Model Pupil per class per term
A Model Pupil will be chosen by the class Form Teacher, upon discussion with the subject teachers for each term. This pupil will serve as a role model as he/she shows exemplary behaviour and attitude, which in turn can encourage and motivate their classmates to behave well.